Solo – The World’s Only Autonomous Wastewater Assessment Tool

Solo at a Glance

  • Operation in 8-12″ (200-300mm) pipe
  • Full system weight of 25 lbs
  • Onboard intelligence for autonomous operation
  • Lightweight Aluminum and synthetic body
  • Full coverage rubber track system

Solo Data:

  • 360 degree spherical video capture
  • GPS coordinate capture of manhole locations
  • Automatic digital transfer of information
  • Full NASSCO PACP compliance
  • Streamlined synchronization with ICOM3

Small Robot, Huge Impact

Solo is the world’s first truly unmanned sewer inspection robot that is radically changing the way collection system managers approach operations and management.

Solo enables better, timelier decision-making by providing the most useful high volume, small pipe information faster than ever imagined. Typical daily production rates far outpace conventional methods.

Many collection system managers operate in a perpetually reactive state. Solo can allow your team the time to react to matters impacting service levels while providing you the technology to also be proactive with respect to your condition assessment needs.

Solo is lightweight and can be mailed overnight and hand-carried anywhere that an inspection is desired. Any type of vehicle can be used, so creating special access to job-sites is not necessary.

Environmentally Friendly

There has never been a more environmentally friendly inspection technology than Solo. Solo does not need special storage, maintenance areas, vehicles or generators. Operating on rechargeable batteries, Solo has a low carbon footprint that you can feel good about.

Optimized Deployments

Solo allows you to achieve more with existing resources. A single crew constantly deploys and retrieves Solos while up to four inspections are conducted simultaneously. Significantly higher and more predictable throughput is the result.

Operator variability is eliminated as a factor influencing data quality. Crews can focus only on deployment, requiring very little training along with increased safety provided by closed-manhole inspections.

Never Miss a Defect

Video captured by Solo allows the viewer to Pan-Tilt-Zoom an entire pipe segment in 360 degrees from a PC in a controlled environment. PACP reports can be generated offline by RedZone without requiring a PACP certified operator to deploy the equipment. Data can be presented in a variety of ways. When you couple Solo with RedZone’s ICOM3 software you have full control over a wealth of information in a seamless closed loop environment that allows you to easily review inspection results and plan follow-up O&M activities.

Coding Flexibility

RedZone provides you with a setup to allow you to use the coding resources that best meet your needs. You can code yourself, have RedZone code or use an alternate 3rd party to code. You can code according to standards such as PACP and WRC or load custom code sets. Exports to other popular database formats are easily configurable.

See a Solo Deployment!


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