Why Redzone?

Simplifying Wastewater Management

testfacility2RedZone provides turnkey solutions that both help acquire information that has always been desired and then also make that information easy to use.  This data oriented approach enables asset owners to be proactive in their asset management and execute projects based on complete sets of information.

RedZone solutions and products provide unprecedented amounts of information and access to data that are proven to provide a return-on-investment, or more specifically, a ‘return on assessment’.

The Challenge

Wastewater owner-operators have long been hampered by a challenging information deficit.  The conventional reactive approach has resulted in critical tasks such as rate study analysis, long term capital planning and near-term operations and maintenance planning being conducted without a comprehensive understanding of the true state of the collection system.  Furthermore, service level expectations are established, rates are widely accepted to be too low and traditional funding sources are limited and drying up.  In this environment, surprises resulting from unknown issues can have dire consequences.

At RedZone we help solve the problems that arise from not knowing.  With information in hand that has been previously unavailable, owner-operators can make more informed decisions on how to spend limited capital and O&M dollars.


Why RedZone?

Today’s wastewater managers are tasked with making critical decisions about their valuable collection system assets while being constrained by insufficient technologies, time, funding, and resources. What is needed is more control over useful information that is accurate, complete, centralized, and standardized.

Wastewater management is of critical environmental importance to the world’s urban areas. The EPA estimates that U.S. investments in wastewater will need to increase by more than $150 billion over the next two decades to maintain current service levels if new spending and operations practices are not adopted.

RedZone Robotics simplifies wastewater management by providing world-class robotic inspection technologies and sophisticated data-analysis software. Our solutions provide the truly useful information that is required to make better decisions while reducing spending and negative environmental impact.

Benefits of Working with RedZone

Save Time

With inspection technologies that are faster than conventional methods, you get the core information required to facilitate understanding and planning sooner.

Save Money

RedZone condition assessment tools are more cost-effective than the alternatives. Once you start understanding your system comprehensively, you are able to eliminate unnecessary activities and better prioritize your repairs and renewal efforts.

Easier Compliance

Since regulators tend to come down hard on owner-operators who can’t prove that they are doing the right thing, the system-level approach by RedZone and baseline level data is used to facilitate regulatory reporting and increase transparency to local and federal level regulators.

Save the Environment

Pinpointing priorities and inspecting your system on a more timely cycle will give you the information needed to help avoid CSOs, SSOs, and needless construction.


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